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Cold forging nut and hot-headed nut discriminant analysis

Cold heading: is the use of metal-plastic, mechanics of cold pressed or cold-drawn, achieve the purpose of metal solid state deformation.

At room temperature the bar or forging bold at the top of the wire. Cold heading is mainly used for the production of bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and steel balls and so on. Forging materials are copper, aluminium, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloys, materials recovery of 80~90%. Leng Dunduo in special cold heading machines, continuous, multistage, automatic production. Order in the cold heading machine finished cutting, header, accumulation, forming, chamfering, thread rolling, shrinkage and trimming processes. High production efficiency, can be more than 300 pieces/min, the maximum cold forging workpiece diameters of 48 mm. Process diagrams for cold heading of cold heading bolt bolt of typical operations. Multi-station automatic nut cold stamping machine for multi-station automatic nut cold header. Bars by feeding mechanism automatically sent to a certain length, cut the body be cut into pieces and then transferred by the clamp body sent in turn to meet the backlog for forming and punching stations.

In the catering industry, cold heading refers to the making of cold meat, salad, smoked butter work is done, also known as the Pai case. Hot Pier made of fried fried fried, also known as hongan.

In the catering industry, cold heading refers to the making of cold meat, salad, smoked butter work is done. Hot Pier also known as hongan, are making fried fried fried.

On the surface, cold heading products look heat forging products beautiful, smooth finish, General hardness is higher than that in the use of hot upsetting nut cold heading products, strength high, for the demanding user, very different from material.