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China 2017 Against Pollution War

Sep 15, 2017


Teams led by ministerial-level officials are completing inspections of environmental protection efforts across China, with the results having already affected the promotion prospects of thousands of officials.

The teams, made up of officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Communist Party’s anti-graft watchdog and its personnel arm, began the first of four rounds of inspections in July last year after an earlier pilot project in Hebei province. 

The fourth round, which began last month, will complete coverage of mainland China’s 31 provincial-level regions.

Some 18,000 polluting companies have been punished so far, with fines totalling more than 870 million yuan (US$132.2 million) handed out, and more than 12,000 officials disciplined.

The two party agencies involved in the inspections, the graft-busting Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Organisation Department, are arguably the two most important in determining officials’ promotion prospects.

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